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Power Flushing in Leicester from £250

Power Flushing in Leicester Why you should choose me: You need to ensure that the company you choose will send out a qualified gas engineer who is fully trained to deal with Power Flushing. I have 30 years experience, I'm a member of the PowerFlush Association and have public liability insurance to protect you and your property.
What happens during Power Flushing: The system is flushed with all valves open using a magnetic filter. The water is dumped out the system and fresh added to include chemicals. The system is heated up and flushed through all open valves. Then all radiators are closed except for one and each radiator in turn is opened. Once all radiators are flushed individually they are done again but this time with fresh water, dumping contents until each one runs clean, fill, add treatment, bleed and test. During this process it's important that the radiator valves are in good working order. In some cases it is necessary to replace them. Inlcuded is a certificate to prove work carried out with before and after results (TDS & pH levels)

Power Flush leicester

How Much does it Cost?

Based on a heating system with up to 8 radiators

Power Flushed through a magnetic filter and cleaned with chemical treatment, inc inhibitor = £250

A Certificate is included with results (TDS & pH levels)

Replacing radiator valves including Thermostatic valve

per radiator = £30 Replace valve on cold feed = £25

All prices include VAT

Power flushing leicestershire

Filters and Treatment (prevention)

Magnetic filters and Lime-scale reducers are a must when connecting a new boiler to an existing system. The Magnetic filter is cleaned out as part of a boiler service every year. Adding Inhibitor to your system is also very important and must be renewed every 5 years.

Worcester Bosch are giving away an extra years warranty when fitting a Greenstar filter to a new boiler.

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A Clean System = Lower Bills

Power flushing a central heating system can add many years to its components life. Boiler, radiators, valves and pipes to name a few. A clean system will be much quieter, radiators and hot water will heat up much quicker. Giving you a more economical system that will definitely save you money in the long run. Adding treatment will also be beneficial to its life span.


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I'm Shaun, I live at 17 Watts Close, Leicester, LE40PS. 1982; started a 4 year apprenticeship on the City Council. 1995; Left the Council and started my own business. Sole trader, work from home, this enables me to keep my prices very competitive. I'm very professional and up to date with the latest technology. Very reliable, can do morning or evening appointments.

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